It is one of the top 3 cities for black travelers. This is due to the higher property tax that comes along with the heightened property value. For example, the findings suggest that when there is higher segregation, then there are less white people in an area. This article is written for academics questioning gentrification in an attempt to convince them to help alleviate its negative impacts. Notify me of new comments via email. This is a strong source to use for quotations when dealing with perspective. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

But the argument comes in because gentrification leads to higher property values with means more tax revenues for the government. You are commenting using your Facebook account. The model used for the voter turnout may not be completely helpful for today but based on when it was published, it was the best information available at that time. He then explains some of the benefits of gentrification, such as higher property value, better road maintenance, police protection, and improved public education. This article begins with a clear definition of gentrification soon after delving into the many effects of this now clear topic. Email required Address never made public. This article provides great support for how residential segregation and architecture work together.

PBS, 17 June This article can be useful as evidence to support how the built environment has affected race relations. Maintain Neighborhood Economic Bibliograpjy. Notify me of new comments via email. You are commenting using your Google account. She goes through various points, makes her arguments, and gives good reliable evidence to support.

Specifically to exemplify how political agendas and history can affect the built environment.


These residences explain how they feel about the changes that have gone on, and we the viewers get to hear about new comers and those who have lived there for years.

This source gives the opposing side of all the benefits blacks in Atlanta have as well as some additional information to show the oppression and segregation.

This article was written to inform the reader about the different possibilities and outcomes of Gentrification. She then point out who is in charge of the gentrification occurring and who is benefiting from it.

This article shows lots of examples of people suffering due to gentrification in the bay area. Social Capital and the Built Environment: In conjunction with Architectural Exclusion, this piece can make a compelling point on how architecture and segregation affect minorities.

Annotated Bibliography- Final Draft – The Built Environment: Atlanta

He states that although there is a lot of eviction and people being forced biblliography of their communities due to high prices, that in the long run there will be new affordable homes for those that were displaced. The presentation of this project is very neutral; they present both perspectives and simply facts about the changes going on in the community.

annotated bibliography gentrification

Some reasons given is that there is a growth in education levels, infrastructure investments, and housing prices. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Atlanta has been largely made up of African-Americans, and now the neighborhoods are becoming whiter.

This was the first time I realized that the government had a lot of power and say on what happens in communities. A Survey of Strategies to. It also discusses how Atlanta has a wide black-white unemployment gap.


annotated bibliography gentrification

Despite this it has lots of credible sources embedded within it and it offers a challenging. Skip to content Gentrification in the Mission — Lost Culture.

Annotated Bibliography- Final Draft

The model used for the voter turnout may not be completely helpful for today but based on when it was published, it was the best information available at that time. This article is a UC Berkeley research project called: The gentridication segregation, the more diversity within a state. The Act was supposed to encourage fairness but was not taken seriously by lawmakers and was, in fact, causing more bibloigraphy between communities of lower income versus gntrification with higher income.

You also get a little bit of history on what the Mission used to be and what it is now. Gammon discusses the common misconception that gentrification is a racist movement.

The spokeswoman for Mayor Kasim Reed says that the officials are combating the gentrification by employing the right developers to boost its workforce housing stock.

Annotated Bibliography – Gentrification in the Mission – Lost Culture

This article provides more detail and evidence about the backgrounds of property value and race relations. Other effects noted are social changes as community ties are severed, economic changes due to an imbalance of bibliogdaphy and job growth, and political changes such as decreasing federal funds and tax abatement.

Using the census data from andthey accumulate their voter turnout model.