So We should do the work and be obiedient to the teacher and if its a lot then you can request the teacher to reduce it or explain it in an easy way. Support Dispute Clarify Vani 1 1 point Homework is an essential thing. Sure, argue that homework isn’t very stressful or isn’t very hard compared to the average adult responsibilities. Explaining the different relations at the elementary and secondary school levels. Bahwa PR itu adalah sangat baik bagi anak-anak namun harus tetap memperhatikan waktu bermain bagi mereka.

It should also about being physically active, exploring the environment through play, doing creative things like music and art, and playing a part in the community. Homework is needed to finish classwork. They can look up the answers, plagiarize papers, or work together on assignment meant to be done individually via instant messaging. Homework allows practice for future endeavors, and teaches responsibility and organization skills. School is stress full as it is, add the need for a student to go home and have to finish something before the next day. She said that the children being isolated, but I think with playing game online they can get many friends from it.

Tasks that involve no interaction, or are not engaging will discourage learning. Maybe vahasa can speak in English much better, but the game can change them to be a lazy person.

No matter how engaging the teacher is in class homework will almost certainly be stressful, boring and tiring. Homework should be banned!

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And from the health perspective, game online can exercizing the logic and stimulating the brain. Every time I bring home my book bag from school, it weighs around 15 pounds with all of the homework inside of it. Answered Feb 18, Retrieved July 15,from Los Angeles Times: A lesson plan should include sufficient time to learn, absorb, rehearse, and integrate the lesson into memory.


Just a small action of abolishing homework can change the whole world!!! Whether homework puts us off learning will always depend on what the homework we are given is. Homework is needed to finish classwork. hentang

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The teacher needs to design the homework, explain it, mark each piece individually, and tell everyone what they got right and wrong. Why should homework be tentagn

The response to that point is that classroom sizes should be smaller. Scarcely could we imagine that what would happen to them losing a few hours a day which are ought to be utilized to train. Hang out with some pals?

My opinion is, both sides are extremes. So, yes I think that homeworks should be banned.

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Setting homework extends study beyond school hours, allowing a wider and deeper education. Support Dispute Clarify spizike 2 3 points Homework should indeed be banned. Teachers need to understand how their students live and what kind of homework is realistic. Do you homeeork homework should be banned from schools?

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Teachers call for ban on homework. Therefore we can notice an inherent problem for homework is that it could almost never cater to every demand from students, let alone equipping them with sufficient weapons to survive this knowledge-based era P. Homework allows children to work at their own pace, without peer pressure.


Do you put doing inggrsi homework before taking part in other activities?

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There should be discussion on how to make the contents of homework better and more productive. There are only a few hours in each school day — not enough time to cover properly all the subjects homeworkk need to study.

It takes up the whole of our day. Homework should not be banned.

debat bahasa inggris tentang homework

Homework should have a limit Should baby ear piercing be banned? And beside that the children who is addicted to the game will spend most of their time in home. Homework Should Be Banned Yes because For example… classrooms should be places where skills and knowledge are put into practice. A You do the homework, proving you were able to do it in the first place and the work was therefore unnecessary B You do the homework even though you were unable to do so, thus learning to solve the problem the wrong way.

At the start of primary school we get almost no homework but it is often several hours a day by the time we finish secondary school.