If you leave this box blank, no logs will be sent to you. Selecting all events will increase the size of the log, so it is good practice to select only those events which are required. The name or IP address of the destination device or Web site. When the Port Triggering screen is displayed, click the Status link to the right of the tab to display the Port Triggering Status. Log entries are described in Table

Description or Action The type of event and what action was taken if any. The checkbox will automatically be cleared when saved so that the increase is only applied once. Select the appropriate syslog facility from the SysLog Facility pull-down menu. This will change if you upgrade. PCs and other LAN devices become known by the following methods:

If you don’t have e-mail notification enabled, you can view the logs by clicking the View Logs option arrow to the right of the tab. This may take some time.

fvs336g case study

Sometimes, this can not be determined, and will be. The LAN Groups screen will display. Casw Router Status screen provides status and usage information. This chapter contains the following sections: The checkbox will automatically be cleared when saved so that the increase is only applied once.


A primary and secondary backup server are preloaded.

Netgear ProSafe Dual WAN Gigabit Firewall w SSL IPSEC VPN FVSG EUS Networks Routers

Fill in the time fields and choose AM or PM and the day of the month from the pull-down menus. Log entries are described in Table The Firewall Logs can be configured to log and then e-mail denial of access, general attack information, and other information to a specified e-mail address. To view the most recent entries, click refresh log. In this case, you can edit the entry to add a meaningful name.

Select this option and click Apply to restart the Traffic Counter immediately. The name of the PC or device.

Univex ProSafe FVS336G User Manual

You must manually restart the VPN firewall in order for the default settings to take effect. To view the router configuration and system status: The time remaining before this rule is released and made sttudy for other.

Temporarily increase the Traffic Limit if you have reached the monthly limit, but need to continue accessing the Internet.

fvs336g case study

Select an NTP Server option: Network Time Protocol NTP is a protocol that is used to synchronize computer clock times in a network of computers. You must use the full e-mail address for example, jsmith example. Router and Network Management Any specified restrictions will not be applied when traffic limit ffvs336g reached. State The current status of the SA.


Univex ProSafe FVSG. Upgrading the Firmware. Page 10

To view the current version of the firmware that your VPN firewall is running, choose Monitoring from the main menu. The Time Zone screen is displayed. Click the WAN Status link in the upper right-hand section ffs336g the screen. In the Traffic Counter section, make your traffic counter selections: For each PC or device, the following data is displayed. In the System Logs section, select the type of system events to be logged.

Displays the limit for the current month. Send To E-mail Address.

fvs336g case study

Enter the e-mail address where the logs and alerts should be sent. The Incoming ports which are associated the this rule.