So Rohan you were working in Fractal. I had made up my mind that I would prepare for another year and do well. Me- Told them P1 – Shocked You have 6 children in your family? There are no rules to solve them and it is one place where you can combine creativity with intelligent analysis. If nothing they are nice stories to read. I did that, for what option did I have? Many people use these groups for only posting scores.

Final year of graduation. How long is a half-marathon? Oh, we didn’t know that! What do you do now as now you would be mostly free? Verdict First came FMS. Though we were allowed to participate in only one bootcamp, I deliberately managed to participate again!

I wrote in a notebook all the questions that were different, in the sense that these questions required me to know a particular concept or a formula without which I couldn’t solve them. Wish you all the very best in your efforts. P2 – Give me your file. Went to my centre too early, carried a chocolate as someone suggested as it would keep me cool and an iPod that will keep me cooler.

Called up shashan, and almost died when I heard he had done 71!!

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This is the time I realised, I ain’t making it. Most of my schooling was done in Nashik.


pagalguy case study iim bangalore

These are poignant stories of longing, small triumphs followed by large setbacks, dreams shattered and then rejuvenated, sheer hard work, winning attitudes and sucking victory from the jaws of defeat. Finally, I was allotted a system.

I know that the 8 pawns have professions farmer, doctor etc. What happened in 3rd semester.

Lol, that was a funny scene. Being an introvert, I generally prefer to keep to myself and make the least social contact possible. I wasn’t perturbed for I had made up my mind to join the IAF. My father once asked one of my teachers jim school how I was doing. But it is being said that the prices of services are going to rise and so is the inflation… Me: Me – No sir. Ok Rohan we bangalorr done ask us if you want to ask Me: It varied at different places but maximum it was Very few succeed Update 2nd August No matter how many pagalguy you bangalor the contractor, no matter which IIM you go to.

Me – I knew how to do this, so I jumped into solving it P2 – No! Sir, I have this habit of falling in love with all the “already committed” girls out there.

pagalguy case study iim bangalore

Used every last bit of brain I had to do those two. This is also our school.


The PaGaLGuY Slog Blog — PaGaLGuY is a Case-study at IIM Bangalore !

And man, I was nervous. About this book The Internet has the unique ability to bring out the inherent goodness within people in ways no other environment can. In Quant I had pre-decided that since cut-offs were anyway low, I would do only those questions pagallguy topics that are comfortable to me and leave the rest.

pagalguy case study iim bangalore

Without bangallore, electricity wouldn’t have been used. So my plan was to revolve the discussion around the basics which I was well versed with. So, I am not the best guy to be commenting this. And in the end I used to visit the toughest or easiest section and make up for a good overall score.

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I had just one goal – cracking the CAT. Mind is totally blank now Sir I am not understanding what do you mean by that. I had an all-female interview panel comprising of 2 professors P1: For a change, I had a nice set of dedicated friends in Bangalore.