What can we do to counteract of being influenced by background music? The Role of Musi When and where are we influenced by background music? How tempi have an effect on residence time of customers in supermarkets 5. Herbert Bruhn sees music as a replacement for communication Bruhn, p.

Emotions as a process 4. The Role of Musi The BSc thesis can also be written under supervision of staff of Management Studies MST on the condition that at least 5 credits of the optional courses are done in the field of management studies. Typical music that increases the activation are frequently military marches, dance music, drinking songs, etc. The following example shall elaborate this idea: The goal of creating a space with such ideal conditions is to give the client the impression of feeling comfortable within the department store. On the one hand music stylistically has to correspond to the musical tastes of the listeners in order to have an effect or influence them.

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Several studies are discussed about the consequences of background music hachelor decision making, driving, buying, eating at a restaurant, etc. An example for that is the rhythm in music. Introduction Since centuries music is accepted in most countries as an essential form of communication.

He says the relaxing aspects in terms of musical parameters is respectively generated by low ggm or few volume changes, slow tempi or few tempo changes, or a narrow frequency range or almost no complexity.

Each advertisement has a code or a motive that is communicated to the person. Various tests and measurements have been thssis about the influence of music on emotions. Background music in publicity 5. How publicity works compared to background music. What are the biological mechanisms in every human being when music is consumed?


Film music intends to create suspense, fear, hope, freedom, etc. The model describes three phases that all lead to the final behavioral control. Horst-Peter Hesse is aware of the fact that all psychological processes are dependent on social norms, personal and past experiences in that the human being is born into. Background music in movies 5.

bachelor thesis bgm

It makes food taste better and traffic less annoying. Bacelor can have a lot of impact on our organism and psyche. A few Counter-arguments against the studies above 7.

At the end I will propose a solution to find a way to overcome this form of manipulation. At first the functions and mechanisms of background music are elaborated, bachepor the effects on the human being are discussed. He says that the researcher Hanswer showed in an experiment with pregnant women that background music helps to release their pain. Since it is possible to achieve physical changes through music such as increased heart beat and pulse, transpiration, goose pimples, etc.


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Publish now – it’s free. When the rhythm is accentuated and has a dominant function in the music, the listener will feel an impulse to agitate or to move.

bachelor thesis bgm

This impulse can change into a dance, increased communication, mass events, or other common actions Hesse, p. The publicity in our environment acts in the background of our everyday life Scheier, p. As soon as we get out of the sun the feeling of warmth disappears. The change of heart beat, different skin tensions, goose pimples, by magnetic resonance imaging while hearing music see studies below.


To explain this phenomenon the working mechanisms of the brain are illuminated by including the latest findings about brain and music in the last months. Brown and Volgsten are aware of the efficacy of influencing the behaviour of individuals and whole groups. However, there are some activating aspects as well as calming parameters bachelo music that have an influence on the human.

Manipulation through background music

This will be done by looking at several musical tests that have been done in the past to influence the human being. Physical impacts of music and how we can overcome of being influenced 8. Activation can also arise from great sound intensities or fast tempi. Heiner Gembris talks about certain musical characteristics that show impact tendencies on the human Gembris in Hofmannp: It is also interesting to know how background music tesis an impact on the physical body.

Muzak is the name of one of the famous providers of background music that is specialized in producing for bacyelor stores and elevators. We enter a department store with the intention of buying goods.