Bigg Boss Tamil | 22nd June Promo 1

Bigg boss Tamil is a Reality show broadcast on vijaytv hosted by kamal haasan,  biggboss oviya and aarav are the  famous celebrities of biggboss Tamil, people select the winner by bigg boss vote , vote for your favorite bigg boss tamil 2  contestant on,  It’s enough and now its time to discuss the Season 2 contestants who will be officially announced on the welcome episode. This season is set to have 16 housemates with 60 cameras. The motto of the second season is to find who is the good guy and who is the bad guy. The show was commenced on 17 June 2018 with a motive of conducting the show for 100 days by starting the show in a high note.

A lavish house set which was used in the first season has been renovated just prior to the commencement of the programme on the outskirts of the Chennai city in the EVP Film City at Chembarambakkam with including special features. It is evident that a jail room has been further included in the newly constructed house to increase the level of punishments to the contestants who commit mistakes.

In the beginning, Bigg Boss housemates begin their day by getting ready to perform the task. The housemates are divided into two teams – one team’s members will have to narrate a story and the other team has to figure out whether the story is true or false. it was a very cool task that all contestants were thinking and the contestants in the storytelling team are called to the confession room to let Bigg Boss know if their story is true or not. The storytelling team has Balaji, Nithya, Yaashika Aanand, Mumtaz, Vaishnavi, and Mahat. the rapid-fire task went too good, for more updates Get in touch with for more updates about biggboss tamil2 and vote your favorite contestant of Biggboss tamil, Biggboss vote help your favorite contestant to win the title also you can text with valuable request will help you out shortly with a bigboss live updates. today’s  Promo 1  video gets released check out the video below!!

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