Nikolay Antov sheds fresh light on the mechanics of Islamization along the Ottoman frontier, and presents an instructive case study of the ‘indigenization’ of Islam – the process through which Islam, in its diverse doctrinal and socio-cultural manifestations, became part of a distinct regional landscape. Han havde det eneste store bibliotek i det 6. Flere billeder af Vor Frelsers spir. Its text pays particular attention to the style of individual works, to their physical and artistic context, their sources and their influence, and synthesizes forty-five years of attentive looking, of research in archives and libraries of the Veneto, and hundreds of photographic campaigns throughout Italy and as far afield as Croatia and Poland — many from specially mounted scaffolds. Atter andre sider af heraldikken er den psykologiske eller, om man vil, den detektiviske: Om denne bror siger Verne i interviewet fra , at.

The direct dialogue of small-scale studies bridging the chronological gap brings out important nuances: Managing Northern Europe’s Forests: Rather than focusing on a historical period or specific cultural and historical events, it eschews traditional categories of periodisation and discipline, establishing connections and cross-sections between different departments of knowledge. Rather, good government lies in the visible and tangible effects it has on the lives of its citizens. Light general shelfwear, small bookseller’s sticker affixed to front pastedown.

In Dark Age Nunneries, Steven Vanderputten dismantles the common view of women religious between and as disempowered or even disinterested witnesses to their own lives.

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These tales are dssay and ambiguous, reimagining the socio-political upheaval of the late medieval period in sophisticated ruminations on class relations. This collection celebrates and evaluates the seminal research of Margaret Spufford, a leading historian of early modern English social and economic history.

Edition of extremely rich household inventories provides a wealth of information about life at the time. Notable rulers such as William the Conqueror, King John, Llywelyn ap Gruffudd and Edward I feature prominently as the builders and conquerors of castles. Chicago, The University of Chicago Press.


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Engelsk A eksamen Hedjra Kalifatet Muhammed Shiamuslimer Sunnimuslimer. Moreover, these compositions are intrinsically involved in the early development of polyphony.

Dezember stirbt er auf Hardwick Hall, Derbyshire. Esaay the prominent Christian feast-Rogationtide—in order to argue that the modern religious borders between Christianity, Judaism, and paganism did not exist in the early Middle ages.

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Bevarelsen af ikke-kristne traditioner var koncentreret hos senatsaristokratiet — patricierne essaay som tildels havde bevaret deres priviligerede rolle. In treating manuscripts as mirrors of the medieval minds who created them — reflecting their interests, their choices, their practices — the essays explore a number of key topics.

Transformation og elektrisk energi Folkeskole Fysik disposition: Alt er set af en forsigtig forfatter fra et skrivebord.

This study examines the nature of interactions between English and Irish neighbours in the four shires, taking into account the complex tensions between assimilation and the preservation of distinct ethnic identities and exploring how the common colonial rhetoric of the Irish as an ‘enemy’ coexisted with the daily reality of alliance, intermarriage, and accommodation.

The main part presents a species by species analysis of the numerous faunal remains. Elementorum philosophiae sectio prima. He guides the reader through Lorenzetti’s divided city, where peaceful prosperity and leisure sit fremsyillingen the ever present threats of violence, war and despotism.

Further insights of Scotus’ are discussed, such as the theory of Creation, ethics, justification and predestination, and the sacraments. From the death of Frederick II in to the failure of Rupert of the Palatinate’s ill-fated expedition inLee argues, the humanists nurtured a consistent and powerful affection for the Holy Roman Empire.

Featuring an engraved title page, decorative head and tail pieces and illuminated capitals. Taken together, these areas characterize transnational heritage activity and represent channels for working around, negotiating, and pushing back against the traditional authority of nation-states and intergovernmental treaty—based organizations such as UNESCO. O, bidragydere er arkitekturhistorikere, kulturhistorikere, arkitekter og advokater. This book presents archaeological research from places of war, violence, protest and oppression of the 20th and the 21st century sites where the material relics give a deep insight to fateful events — a shadow of war.


Countering interpretations which see claims of Viking identity as expressions of contact with Scandinavia, the comparison demonstrates the local, political significance of these claims. The work offers a nuanced vision of Eastern Viking expansion, in which the Eastern Baltic frequently acted as buffer zone between eastern and western powers. Mysteries of the Unconquered Sun. This collection of essays represents a milestone in the study of open-field agriculture, and is a major contribution to the study of the fremstillingrn of field systems more generally.

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esssay While some sought contemplative lives essa prayer, the ambition of many of these religious women was to serve the poor, the sick, and the elderly. The authors employ a variety of methods, including prosopography, economic history, visual analysis, network analysis, and gift exchange, and the collection is engaged with current political, sociological, anthropological, gender, and feminist theories. And why, in contrast, did they fail to develop, or have a less significant role, elsewhere?

This edited collection explores how knowledge was preserved and reinvented in the Middle Ages.

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Ilona Opelt behandlede i sit meget detaljerede habilitationskrift temaet kristelig-apologetiske bandeord. Hertil kom lokal folketro. Sacram scripturam, non grammaticam licet exponere episcopis.

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