There’s your summer homework. You’re with me right now because I’m Risette, yeah? If Risette ever existed at all I never met her, it’s Rise who I’ve been hanging out with. I was the one who wanted to change, and… But none of that matters now! Is someone here today too?

It’s a better Knowledge boost than regular studying, but you can just leave it all for today with no worries. Which line can a typhoon never cross? And they have poisonous claws! You are commenting using your Twitter account. I’m impressed that you came again I feel like I’ve been able to relax after coming to Inaba. Not quite done yet, nor is Nanako.

The person everyone likes, the one they say “hi” to on the street? I’ll write about platypuses! IGN uses cookies and other tracking technologies to customize online advertisements, and for other purposes.

It stopped raining by then. Notify me of new comments via email.

Persona 4 Part #51 – 8/26//29/11

Think of this rod as me, okay? Talking about memories lets you re-select an old, forgotten skill, and talking about the future grants one brand-new skill from a list of five, in sequence. After putting Nanako to bed, you went to your room.


Is it the male or female platypus that has the poison claws? You don’t have to deny it… I won’t be mad. After putting Nanako to homweork and saying goodbye to Rise and Kanji, you went to your room. Looks like I had you figured right.

nanako homework platypus

They were so nice I got a little sweaty riding on the scooter so the ocean breeze feels nice. The platypus lays eggs. Do you feel happy when you’re alone? I was alone the entire time… But I didn’t have a problem plarypus that.

Nanako was almost done as well, though I didn’t do quite as well as I’d been doing up to now.

nanako homework platypus

Hmm… Which one should I choose…? All of your homework has been completed! No… I took off right after that, right?

nanako homework platypus

Oh, hey Takeshi… W-Were you robbed again? You are commenting using your Google account. How does someone kick that hard…? I’ll write about platypuses! Let’s take a look, shall we? But, it looks like I picked the wrong day to come.


At pkatypus this semester will be a lot more sane.

That wasn’t a fair question. As you’re swept up in a black torrent of flavors, you desperately reach towards something and grasp it!

Persona 4 golden nanako homework platypus

Haha… When it happened, I panicked, thinking maybe I should turn their offer down. Even though I spent my whole life chasing that legendary fish, I think you might be the one to bring it home Please, if you enjoy the site, consider adding us to your AdBlock whitelist—it really does make a difference. Help …Persona 4 Help Nanako Homework. Homeework else do we have? Going on Bike Date changes the kids’ skills.