This type of research question justifies an exploratory study. Descriptive cases require a descriptive theory to be developed before starting the project. The existence of several “how” questions in the questionnaires make the study explanatory as well, which is not uncommon Yin, Any clarifications should be followed up with the interviewees as soon as possible. Journal of Operations Management, 20 5 , The procedure is to have an external observer follow the derivation of evidence from initial research questions to ultimate case study conclusions. Using a positivist case research methodology to test a theory about IT-enabled business process redesign.

However, most interview methodologists do not think that mechanised recording is a good idea as recording may make interviewees uncomfortable as well as introduce additional transcription and analysis related complications Yin, Combining rigour, relevance and pragmatism. For those items where the original Levy instruments and the current instruments were identical, a cross tabulation and chi-square were executed to examine the significance of the differences, if any, between the groups. A well designed research project that is not well explained to the reader, will cause the research report to fall into disuse. What was the level of faculty commitment to information technology? Colleges struggle to develop formal strategies to pay for computing. For instance, a number of individual investigators or teams may separately engage in data collection and preliminary analysis activities, prior to converging and comparing their initial findings Gerring,

A reminder notice was sent to all faculty and administrators one week after the original contact, so as to encourage participation.

tellis w introduction to case study the qualitative report

Skip to main content. Add this document to saved. Its unit s of analysis, 4. As a replication of the Levy study, this study also followed that methodology. No single source has a complete advantage over the others; rather, they might be complementary and could be used in tandem.


A critical review of qualitative case study reports. Introduction to case studies. Qualitative case study methodology: In the Levy study and this study, there are several “what” questions. The experience of an interviewer with regard to technique and subject matter expertise is a key factor in identifying and maximising the collection of relevant information.

tellis w 1997 introduction to case study the qualitative report

The art of case study research. He is an experienced researcher and information systems professional who has published widely on a range of topics.

tellis w 1997 introduction to case study the qualitative report

A theoretical introduction to sociological methods 2nd ed. How are information technology resources financed? The Qualitative Report [Online], What was the level of managerial commitment to information technology? These are presented in the following discussion.

An overview of the case study project – this will include project objectives, case study issues, and presentations about the topic under study Field procedures – reminders about procedures, credentials for access to data sources, location of those sources Case study questions – the questions that the investigator must keep in mind during data collection A guide for the case study report – the outline and format for the report.

Section 5 Quantitative and Qualitative Methods: Some of the items in the instruments that relate to each of the categories above are: This item appears on List: Yin suggested using multiple sources of evidence as the way to ensure construct validity.

Tellis, W. (1997) Introduction to Case Study. the Qualitative Report, 2(3)

Other challenges identified by GAO include choosing the method for selecting cases, reporting the basis for selecting cases, and integrating findings across several cases when the findings in one were inconsistent with those in another. Applications of case study research. To explain complex causal links in real-life interventions 2. Instances chosen to represent important variations. This becomes necessary because statistical analysis is not necessarily used in all introductipn studies.


Each individual case study consists of a “whole” study, in which facts are gathered from various sources and conclusions drawn on those facts.

tellis w 1997 introduction to case study the qualitative report

Conclusion Qualitative case study has been rapidly gaining acceptance as a valid and valuable research method in a large number of diverse scientific domains.

A case study of the application of noncategorical special education in two states. It is important to note that even purely quantitative studies presuppose some qualitative knowledge; otherwise, the numbers would be meaningless Meredith, A well designed research project that is not well explained to the reader, will cause the research report to fall into disuse.

Any inconsistencies between a preliminary theory and the evidence may lead to theory modification and enhancement Aneshensel, Most recently, as part of his role as an operations analyst in the Australian Defence Science and Technology Organisation DSTOthe author has been engaged in case studies in the domains of operations management, leadership, and organisational learning. How are information technology resources allocated?