Consumer response has been positive and Zespri has begun to grow kiwifruit outside of New Zealand in order to have the product on retail shelves year round. They also have in the works a red version of the fruit which indicates they have created a technological barrier for its competition to create unique products. Conducting extensive research in these areas will allow Zespri to gain a better understanding of how to optimally run their company while achieve the largest possible profit margins at an efficient rate. This is necessary since kiwifruit is a niche fruit that can be easily substituted for another fruit. The main primary activities of Zespri include outbound logistics, marketing, and services, and the main support activities include technology development and company infrastructure. Since there are only 4 main countries that are highly competitive it would be very difficult to enter this industry and strive due to these established names, therefore threat of new entrants is low. Luckily both supplier power and the threat of new entrants is quite low so at the moment these are not a concern.

Search all of TKI. Home Business case studies Case study 3: Reinhardt, and Emer Moloney. After conducting this model it should be evident what the profit drivers are. The brand needed a strategy that would make a healthy, boring food truly fun, educational, and even addictive to the target audience of mothers and children. The logistics system they are currently using is working, however if they are to expand into providing a month supply of kiwifruit, then they will need to expand their supply chain.

Bord Bia’s CEO, Tara McCarthy, was shaping the government agency’s new strategy amid a volatile socio-political environment with Brexit and other cross-border trade issues and in light of consumer trends in the macro food and drink industry. The above alternatives need to be weighed in terms of the below criteria before choosing a recommendation.

These activities will continue to create value to Zespri into the foreseeable future due to the approach this successful company has taken. By completing the Day Challenge, players unlocked a customized Zespri kiwi pet that helped win more kiwi fruit and increase the game score. Since kiwifruit is a niche market, buyer power is very high. Finance General Management Marketing. Bord Bia was the Irish government agency charged with the promotion, trade development and marketing of the Irish food, drink and horticulture industry.


They created a legal entity to combat global competitors as a group and not take out New Zealand growers in the process.

Prior to Zespri, multiple exporters were competing to sell kiwifruit independently kowi the world. AlvarezForest L. Zespri Group limited is currently in their maturity stage. The economy in this situation is on the rise with demand increasing as well as overall expenditure on kiwi fruit per capita.

Case study 3: Zespri

Zespri effects the industry the most in an economic sense in that they are the price setters of the industry providing a price umbrella for the fruit thus stimulating the demand that ultimately grows the economy. This is necessary since kiwifruit is a niche fruit that can be easily substituted for another fruit.

zespri kiwi case study

Zespri has been able to achieve this by marketing their higher quality then competitors. Alvarez, Jose, and Natalie Kindred. Zespri is the leading marketer of kiwifruit worldwide.

Set in Septemberthis case provides a detailed look at Nigeria’s poultry value chain and the complexities of modernizing a traditional and largely informal industry. In order to enter the market, the government of New Zealand had a few policies that must be abided by in relations to exporting the fruit.

Luckily Zespri is aware of this and is able to manage it effectively by ensuring growers use best technology and growing practices as well as investing in research in health and nutrition.

Zespri Case Analysis Essay

As an established kiwifruit produce company with unique product assortment, sales will not decline from a decreased scale of operations. A tray equivalent equals approximately 30 pieces of fruit. Yet, Nigeria has all the natural blessings to be an agricultural powerhouse competitive on an international scale.


In addition, Zespri leveraged a series of offline events on college campuses as a channel for promoting the integration between brand and game.

zespri kiwi case study

The social impact of supplying Kiwi fruit is huge at this point as it affects the lives of the growers and customers who are demanding more of it. When asked why, 55 percent said they thought cutting fruit required too much zfspri.

Zespri – Case – Harvard Business School

The logistics system they are currently using is working, however if they are to expand into providing a month supply of kiwifruit, then they will need to expand their supply chain. Much like the short-term implementation process, Zespri will sink a larger portion of revenues into research and development.

zespri kiwi case study

Since there are a lot of suppliers in New Zealand, supplier power is low. If you contact us after hours, we’ll get back to you in 24 hours or less. Additionally, although downscaling the size of the business may create added costs logistically, it will allow the firm to operate at a more sustainable margin of profitability.

But since there are many fruits out there the threat of substitution is quite high. A number of legal bodies govern the success of Zespri which sets it apart from other industry competitors. Threat of new entrants is low due to the established name Zespri has obtained due to their strict standards to produce top quality kiwifruits.

In order to avoid this occurring, Zespri must educate consumers on the unique nutritional value of kiwifruit and more importantly on how their product has better nutritional value.